Welcome to the Walk of Lions II! (Get ready to JUMP!)

We’re here to tell you a quick story about a cool group in Zambia called Christian Aid Ministries, their director Stan, and the charity events we’ve done for this organization the past few years… so far two awesome ultra/adventure races have raised over 5K!

I’ve had to put one last event on hold until some logistics work out… hoping to do a HALO skydive someday!

For me this is another great way to raise awareness for CAM and for my dream, the Human Journey Project

If you “landed” here, THANKS for looking around, and by all means check out the blogs and send us a how-ya-doin through the Pledge! page.  If you feel it in your heart to donate a small sum, Stan and his big spiritual family in Kitwe will directly benefit.  It doesn’t get easier than that

Namaste –


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