The Walk of Lions II was a hike through California mountains during the Leona Divide, an ultra-marathon located in the Mojave Desert

An old achilles injury flared up at mile 16 and threw off my pace, and I had just enough time left on the course to limp through 31 total miles (50k).  It was a gorgeous race, and we were able to recognize the amazing work being done in Kitwe, Zambia.

I have one last thing I want to do for CAM… and that’s jump out of a perfectly good airplane, from a height as tall as Everest, and keep spreadin the good word.

You can always help!  We’ve raised over $1,000 so far this year, and donations are always open

So here’s the deal:

Stan is always planning ahead.  Always prepared for the next big opportunity, armed to connect with NGOs, willing to walk to where he needs to go to garner more support from his city and country for the incredible TB/AIDS work in which Christian Aid Ministries engages.

CAM has engaged in side business ventures and found local support through extended families, construction companies, churches, the communities they support, and the bank.  So to keep it simple, you know what we’re going to purchase for them?

A car

Yup.  Paying for buses and taxis racks up quite the expenses… and those transpo methods are not necessarily on the ready when the difference between life and death can be minutes between getting food/medication to someone who needs it or rushing a sick patient to the clinic.  And perhaps the most obvious thing:  CAM’s main function is to travel every day to various communities to do what they do best… nurture, treat, feed, consult, track, educate, facilitate, and encourage healthy, spiritual healing to those afflicted with HIV, TB, and related opportunistic diseases.

If you would like to support Stan, simply click Pledge! above, and follow the instructions


2 thoughts on “Goal

  1. Best of luck to your efforts to help Stan. I’m sharing and keeping you in my prayers.

  2. Best wishes to you & Stan. I’ve shared your story on my blog 🙂

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