Thank you so much for considering a small donation in support of Stan Mulenga’s fight against disease in Zambia!   Stan is indifferent to the background of those he supports, and indifferent to the backgrounds of those who support him.  I’m doing this fundraising as a human being for other human beings.  It’s that simple

By supporting the Walk of Lions you are guaranteed that 100% of your donation goes to a real charity in Kitwe run by Stan, a real hero. Total earnings will be invested in a tangible long term asset for CAM!

The only overhead is, well, me!  (and I work for free)

Now comes is the easy part.  I’ve had fun walking all those miles… and one of these days I hope to JUMP

If you feel like giving, all you have to do is click the link to the form and pledge!  Every penny will go to food, medicine, logistics, and vehicle maintenance


And ps, you are awesome

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