My name’s Dan.  I’d like to live in Africa when I grow up.  I love life and I believe in people.

I visited Zambia with some friends in 2008, and we had the chance to support a neat street boys mission and got to know some incredible folks.

There also I met a man named Stan Mulenga, and life has never been quite the same.

Stan runs a group called Christian Aid Ministries.  CAM is grassroots.  CAM is community based.  CAM is Zambian.  They run a synergistic wellness program that provides poor communities around Kitwe, Zambia nutritional, medical, and spiritual support geared towards the treatment of HIV and TB.  They treat everyone regardless of faith, family, or background.  And they make people smile.

With the support of our close friends and families, I went to China in 2010 and hiked in the Gobi Desert in honor of Stan.  Together we raised enough money to build Stan a brand new office and all the tools and equipment he needs to run his awesome charity and connect with the Zambian government and numerous NGOs!

That was the Walk of Lions I

In Spring 2012, I found a new place to go walking… and a new goal for Stan

The Walk of Lions II

The Gobi desert was a beautiful place… but it reminded me a lot of SoCal, where I happened to be living

High desert and pretty breathtaking mountains.  And this thing called the Pacific Crest Trail running right through my backyard

So I went on another little foot trip through some mountains, and that was the Walk of Lions II, and so many of you have walked with us in spirit the last few years!

Now that I’ve started school, the active fundraising is over for a while… but donations are always open for CAM, and this website will always be there to support that!

The Goal —>


12 thoughts on “Story

  1. ambertreto

    What a notable accomplishment you are in the midst of. Sending a little “thank you” on behalf of humanity.

  2. You do some good stuff, my friend.

  3. To want help others is an individual need. Thank you for this great website and success for your work!

  4. tpr2

    awesome Dan, all the best

  5. Kim @

    Best wishes Dan. I tweeted your Story.

  6. All the best! I will share this!

  7. This my friend is what life and being human is all about. Not all of us ‘get it’ Some ‘get it’ but don’t dare let themselves be involved. And then there are those like you who ‘get it and do it!’ Goodonya!

  8. I’m with you !

  9. Wonderful work.

  10. Go, Dan! You are doing something great for a really wonderful cause. I salute you and CAM and will spread the word.

  11. Best wishes Dan, share your story on my FB

  12. I will repost this to my blog and help share your message. Wonderful work you are doing. All the best in you work.

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